Monday, September 14, 2015

[CFP] Media and Communications in Latin America

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List members may be interested in publishing their media and communications research in Studies in Media Communications (SIMC) volumes 12 or 13 which are due to publish in 2016.

Please forward this email if it would be of interest to your colleagues.

VOLUME 12: ICTs and the Politics of Inclusion in Latin America
Guest Editors: Hernan Galperin, Alejandro Artopoulos, and Jason Beech (Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina)
This volume assembles relevant research focusing on ICTs in Latin America. The mobile broadband revolution is taking place in Latin America. Despite various constraints faced by Latin American countries, the spread of mobile telephony and broadband Internet has reached very high levels even among low-income populations. However about half of the continent’s population remains unconnected, and the benefits of connectivity have been slow to materialize. Submissions may examine any aspect of the theme of digital divide in Latin America and the politics of digital inclusion. We welcome submissions on different dimensions of the theme such as mobile youth identities, technology affordability, school transformation by digital media, the diffusion of e-commerce platforms and digital technology in SMEs.

VOLUME 13: Brazil: Media from the Country of the Future Guest Editors: Sonia Virgínia Moreira (Universidade do Estado in Rio de Janeiro), Monica Martinez (Universidade de Sorocaba, Reitoria), Joseph D. Straubhaar (University of Texas at Austin), Antonio C. La Pastina (University of Texas at Austin), Samantha Nogueira Joyce, and Pedro Aguiar (State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Brazil)
This volume assembles research on any aspect of Brazilian media and communication in its various forms. The parameters are set as broadly as possible as long as the research speaks to a facet of the topic as defined in the call for submissions. Submissions may be empirical, theoretical, or methodological--using any method or approach. The volume aims to encompass research on emergent phenomena, as well as studies with a historical or longitudinal dimension. Comparative studies are welcome as long as Brazil is one of the central case studies.

Read the **full call for papers* for both volumes.

Deadline: February 1 2016.

Benefits of publishing in SIMC
  • Quick time to publication
  • Peer reviewed
  • Longer form articles

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