Monday, September 22, 2014

Publication of the special issue of IJEP about E-Deliberation

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I wish to inform you that the special issue of the International Journal of E-Politics (volume 5:1, January- March 2014)
with the topic "E-Deliberation, Political Institutions, Online Political Networks and Public Engagement" was published with very interesting contributions from scholars around Europe and USA.

You can access the content of the special issue from the link below: (Volume 5, issue 1)

Below you will find the list of papers included in this special issue. My editorial preface is free for downloading.

For the Special Issue of the International Journal of E-Politics with the Topic: E-Deliberation, Political Institutions, Online Political Networks and Public Engagement
Anastasia Deligiaouri

Article 1
The Challenges for Online Deliberation Research: A Literature Review (pages 1-15)
Magnus E. Jonsson, Joachim Åström 
Article 2
Designing an Online Civic Engagement Platform: Balancing “More” vs. “Better” Participation in Complex Public Policymaking (pages 16-40)
Cynthia R. Farina, Dmitry Epstein, Josiah Heidt, Mary J. Newhart 
Article 3
Evolving In Step or Poles Apart?: Online Audiences and Networking During Poland and France 2011-12 Election Campaign (pages 41-60)
Karolina Koc-Michalska, Darren G. Lilleker
Article 4
Measuring Online Deliberation in Local Politics: An Empirical Analysis of the 2011 Zurich City Debate (pages 61-77)
Ulrike Klinger, Uta Russmann 
Article 5
Rational Criticism, Ideological Sustainability and Intellectual Leadership in the Digital Public Sphere (pages 78-90)
Dounia Mahlouly 
Book Review
Approaching Deliberative Democracy: Theory and Practice
Dora Papadopoulou

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