Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[CFP] International Congress on Communication, Civil Society and Social Change

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From the Interuniversity Institute of Social Development and Peace (IUDESP), in collaboration with the Forum Education, Communication and Citizenship, the #comunicambio network and other national and international groups and institutions, we are pleased to announce the upcoming International Congress on Communication, Civil Society and Social Change.


International Congress on Communication, Civil Society and Social Change:

V Forum Education, Communication and Citizenship;
XX years of the Master in International Studies in Peace, Conflicts and Development
#comunicacmbio / #com4change
Dates: May 20th to 22nd, 2015
Place: University Jaume I (UJI) of Castellón (Spain)
Coordination: Research project “Evaluación e indicadores de Sensibilidad Moral en la Comunicación Actual de los Movimientos Sociales” [Evaluation Model and Indicators of Moral Sensitivity in the Communication of Social Movements]. 
International keynote speakers: Athena Athanasiou (Panteion University, Greece), Kevin Barnhurst (University of Leeds, United Kingdom), Donatella Della Porta (European University Institute, Italy), Stephen Duncombe (New York University, United States), Flor Enghel (University of Karlstad, Sweden), Jeffrey Juris (Northeastern University, United States), Omar Rincón (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia), Clemencia Rodríguez (Oklahoma University, Estados Unidos), Thomas Tufte (Roskilde University, Denmark).

The international congress #comunicambio 2015, which includes gender and culture of peace as essential and cross-cutting features, has been conceived from a perspective of empowerment and agency with the purpose of exploring peaceful proposals and alternatives that, from civil society, could contribute to the transformation of social injustices and inequalities. This event is organized in a participatory way with professionals in communication, NGOs, social movements, researchers and scholars in the field of communication, civil society and social change.

The organizing committee of the congress encourage submissions of contributions on the following general goals and interests:

  • Epistemologies, theories and approaches to communication for social change
  • Eco-social empowerment and other communicative proposals of social justice
  • Organizational structures, “smart mobs”, networks
  • Best practices: case studies and comparative studies
  • Criteria and indicators of success for planning and assessing transformative communication

The proposals will be organized around the following topics:
T1. Communication and social change: epistemologies and indicators
T2. From victims to indignants: discourses, representations and empowerment
T3. Journalism, media and social change
T4. Commercial communication, organizations and social change
T5. Social mobilization and emotions
T6. Cyberactivism, social change and social movements
T7. Education, civil society and social change
T8. Transmedia narratives, artivism and social change

Abstracts submission:

Length around 400-500 words. Harvard style for bibliography.
Proposals will be submitted through EasyChair: https://www.easychair.org/conferences/conf=comunicambio2015.

Submissions through e-mail or any other means will not be accepted. To submit the abstract, please write your text in the specific box set up on Easy Chair and do not attach any files.

Publications of results:
All accepted communications after blind peer reviewing will be published in a digital book of Conference proceedings with ISBN edited by the collaborating groups of the congress.

Length of the final text: around 3.000 and 3.500 words.

The better valued communications in the blind review process will be proposed for publication to the scientific and reviewing committees of several indexed journals and international books.

Important dates:

  • October 12th 2014: Deadline for submitting proposals (abstract)
  • January 11th 2015: Deadline for submitting communications (complete text)
  • January 31st 2015: Deadline of the early registration fees
  • April 15th 2015: Deadline for sending the presentation in digital format
  • May 20th – 22nd 2015: Congress at the University Jaume I of Castellón

Please find all the detailed information of the congress, submissions of proposals, topics, publication of results, registration, and any other aspect of the event on the congress website: www.comunicambio2015.uji.es.

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