Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[CFP] Technology/Politics Call for Proposals: Centre for Theory, Culture, Politics at Trent University

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Call for Proposals
Centre for the Study of Theory, Culture, and Politics
Trent University, Peterborough, ON, October 24-25, 2014

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Theory, Culture & Politics at Trent University, TCP will hold a graduate student conference with the theme: Technology/Politics.

Politics is part of a constellation of technologies that structure, shape, mediate, move and inflect the ways we as human beings live together.  The concept of technology does not exist in a socio-political vacuum.  The arbiter of the meaning, significance, value, and impact of technology is its relationship with the people and material objects it comes to affect (and who effect it).  In this fundamental way, technology and politics are inextricably linked, relationally bound, and co-dependently originating.

We seek to bring together promising young scholars whose interdisciplinary research relates to this field. This conference aims to explore the relationship between its titular concepts through a diversity of methodological approaches.  All manner of proposals are encouraged, including theoretical/philosophical, literary, artistic, technological and cybernetic.

Possible topics:
  • Digital subjectivity 
  • Cyborg theory 
  • Critical post-humanism 
  • Hauntological technopolitics 
  • The thanato-political, spiritual perspectives 
  • Primitivism and neo-luddite backlash 
  • Cyberlibertarianism 
  • Politicization of digital aesthetics 
  • Media archaeologies 
  • The (anti) capitalist singularity 
  • Software studies 
  • Virtuality and affect 
  • Hacktivism and the rise of the Anons 
Workshops will include:
  • "Datapolitik” – with Prof. Davide Panagia 
  • “Heidegger & New Media Determinism” – with Prof. Liam Mitchell 
  • “Cyborg Theory & Critical Post-Humanisms” with Prof. Veronica Hollinger 
  • 4th Workshop TBA 
Proposals can be sent technologypolitics@gmail.com and should contain the following: name, institutional affiliation, project title, and a brief biography (100 words). Your attached abstract should be 250-300 words and be in .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf format. Please ensure that you remove any identifying information from document properties. $20 registration includes lunches, coffee & snacks.

Funding for travel and accommodation is available pending budgetary approval.

DEADLINE: June 1, 2014