Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[CFP] Developing the future ICT infrastructure: technologies, markets, and policies

Call for papers for special issue of the journal Telematics and Informatics:

Developing the future ICT infrastructure - technologies, markets, and policies


Deadline is 1 March 2014.

The special issue addresses the challenges of developing a future ICT infrastructure capable of delivering the services and applications needed by residential and professional users and public institutions.

Drivers of these challenges are at different levels: The competitive situation in the ICT markets, the direction of the processes of convergence of IT, telecoms and the media, and the development of social and business applications of ICT in all areas of society with increasing requirements on the ICT infrastructures.

An increasingly stronger discussion has arisen in the past few years regarding the effectiveness and specification of the competition policies instituted in the 1990s with respect to the development of ICT infrastructures especially in rural areas and the involvement of alternative stakeholders on the network provision side and service provision side.

With respect to the convergence of IT, telecoms and the media, it has become increasingly clear that IT is gaining a dominant position illustrated by the growing importance of services and applications. This structural change in the position of technologies has changed the mobile ecosystems with the new business models introduced by Apple and Google, and it can be witnessed in media/broadcasting markets by the entrance of the OTT services.

Regarding social and business applications, health care, education, traffic management, etc. all require a high level of network services which cannot necessarily be met by best effort an unmanaged services. The requirement of these different domains will put new demand on the ICT infrastructures concerning quality of service, stability and adaptability.

The ICT area will thus face a range of serious challenges in the coming years that will necessitate radical changes in technology and deep structural changes economically, and politically.

Topics will include – but are not limited to:
  • New bandwidth requiring services and applications 
  • Potentials of network technologies 
  • Regulatory challenges including net neutrality and infrastructure sharing 
  • Investment developments including PPP 
  • Convergence directions 
  • Content vs. transport centric networks 
  • Rural connectivity 
  • Infrastructure sharing 

Special issue editors:
Reza Tadayoni, center for Communications, Media and Information technologies (CMI), AAU, Denmark
Anders Henten, center for Communications, Media and Information technologies (CMI), AAU, Denmark