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CFP: Bridging Communication and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

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Canadian Journal of Communication – Special Issue

Call for Papers: Bridging Communication and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Guest Editors:

Daniel J. Paré, Department of Communication, School of Information Studies, and Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP), University of Ottawa

Florence Millerand, Department of Social and Public Communication, University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST),

Lorna Heaton, Department of Communication, University of Montreal, Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST)

In recent years, there has been a notable cross-fertilization of ideas from the fields of communication studies and science and technology studies (STS). Researchers from both domains are increasingly seeking to better understand various facets of the relationship between communication and sociotechnical infrastructures. For example, growing numbers of communication researchers have been employing conceptual tools and methods offered by STS to assist in understanding the sociotechnical character and situatedness of media and information technologies and their configurations. Likewise, in organizational communication, STS concepts have brought attention to the ways in which artifacts influence organizational life. At the same time, more and more STS researchers are drawing upon various facets of critical inquiry provided by communication studies as they examine phenomena that weave together the material and symbolic. For instance a range of conceptual tools from communication studies pertaining to the analysis of audio, textual, and visual objects have been used to examine mediated practices such as the informatization of the body, the role of images in popular representations of science, and the role of rhetoric in the development and introduction of new technologies.

Focus of the Special Issue
This special issue aims to contribute to the growing dialogue between communication studies and STS by investigating complementarities and divergences between the two fields. In particular, we are interested in exploring the historical evolution of both fields, points of intersection (e.g. conceptual, methodological, theoretical), and articulations of explicit bridges between communication studies and STS. Authors are invited to submit original conceptual or empirically grounded papers, addressing topics such as those listed below in a variety of contexts (e.g. digital media, environment, health, organization, transitioning economies):
  • Collaboration and participation
  • Design, production, and consumption
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Gender
  • Identities
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Mobilities and migration
  • Politics, policy and regulation
  • Risk
  • Social Justice
  • Space
  • Surveillance
The above topics are merely indicative and this special issue will welcome papers discussing other themes relevant to understanding the intersections between communication studies and STS. We invite submissions of papers (7000-9000 words in length) in English or in French. For information about the Canadian Journal of Communication and for the submission guidelines please visit

Papers should be submitted electronically to the guest editors at the email addresses provided below.

Daniel J. Paré:
Florence Millerand:
Lorna Heaton:

Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the guest editors for any enquires about the special issue.

Important Dates
The deadline for submission of papers is: Friday March 15, 2013.
Tentative date for publication: Autumn 2013