Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CFP: Digital public spheres

CALL FOR PAPERS - Journal Comunicação e Sociedade [Communication and Society], ISSN: 1645-2089, nº 23.

Deadline: January 31, 2013

Volume Coordinators: Helena Sousa, Manuel Pinto and Elsa Costa e Silva
Communication and Society Research Centre
University of Minho - Portugal

Theme: Digital Public Spheres - fragilities and challenges 
Despite criticisms, the concept of public sphere developed by Jürgen Habermas has remained a seminal notion on the democratic functioning of societies. The present-day transformation of the mass media paradigm poses new theoretical and methodological challenges regarding the understanding of citizens’ participation in the public spheres. Discussions on public spaces are faced with various forms of socializing, networking and with new channels for dissemination and exchange of information. Conventional debates about power, control, citizenship, participation, self-expression and identity must be readdressed taking into consideration new contexts and possibilities. This issue of the ‘Communication and Society’ journal aims to explore  the limits and virtues of public debates in new digital spaces. The volume coordinators particularly welcome proposals in the following areas:

- Conditions for the realization of digital public spheres;
- The role of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or blogs regarding the public sphere;
- The regulation of digital public spheres;
- Organizational and business interests in the digital public sphere;
- Old versus new media  and the public sphere;
- New media practices in the digital public sphere;
- Media literacy, citizenship and participation in the digital public sphere;
- Young people and the digital public sphere;
- Digital Exclusion / inclusion: processes, barriers and potential;
- Public policies: market versus 'empowerment' in the digital sphere;
- Methodological debates on the study of digital public spheres;
- The 'neutrality' of the network and ideological conformation;
- Digital identity in the public sphere: citizens, consumers, users and producers.

Book reviews on these topics are also welcome.
“Comunicação e Sociedade” is a double blind peer-reviewed journal.

Editorial rules for electronic submission of manuscripts can be found, both in Portuguese and English, at:
Original texts should be sent in Word format to
In ‘Subject’, the authors should write: Communication and Society Journal Vol 23

Languages: English and Portuguese
Notification on acceptance: March 2013
Publication date:  June 2013.