Thursday, January 28, 2010

Google Code Blog: A proposal to extend the DNS protocol

Google Code Blog: A proposal to extend the DNS protocol
Our proposed DNS protocol extension lets recursive DNS resolvers include part of your IP address in the request sent to authoritative nameservers. Only the first three octets, or top 24 bits, are sent providing enough information to the authoritative nameserver to determine your network location, without affecting your privacy.
I'm not sure whether this would be a good idea, since the very core would be "polluted" with additional (and not that necessary) information. Imagine a 10-years-from-now, IPv6-powered, broadbanded Internet sending zillions of requests to the DNS. The economy of every single bit would count into this situation.

Let's say this IP-enabled DNS request would fasten the whole resolution in 2-3 ms. How faster would it become if this same location had an IXP and a root server mirror? Maybe Google could install a

I'm not an expert, barely some kind of journalism guy who likes to watch the others working with these things, so maybe I'm telling a lot of b***s**t.

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