Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On IGF 2009

Despites all the difficulties concerning time zones, coordination of doing my job and listening/ watching remotely at the same time and (most important) some extremely interesting workshops titles with a single arabic audio streaming, I have followed IGF 2009, which took place at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Who knows someday I'll attend it again, not at staff, it would certainly be a pleasure.

Making mine Vint Cerf's words:

Google Public Policy Blog: A status check on the Internet Governance Forum
Posted by Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist

Some say that because IGF talks are non-binding, they're ineffective. We think the opposite is true. The unfettered nature of the IGF, while sometimes chaotic, gives it real power. It encourages active participation and free and open discussion. It's this openness and robustness that makes the IGF valuable.

Despites I'm not that inside IG discussions and fora, it sounds good to me that a couple of people will keep WSIS work going on and that more people are likely to join this effort (read: me). IGF should not be an end to all discussions, it should be a... erm... Forum (!!!), a permanent channel.

Fact is that is must be used by all stakeholders with some moderation.

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