Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Benton: Metered Bandwidth Pricing Is Coming

Multichannel News via Benton

Metered Bandwidth Pricing Is Coming | Benton Foundation

Metered bandwidth pricing for Internet service is coming, said cable executives gathered for the American Cable Association's annual summit. Such pricing will be a necessity going forward as cable operators become broadband companies rather than just television delivery companies and the demands for delivering high-bandwidth-consuming video and other services increases. ACA President Matt Polka said metered pricing is in the early stages of development, but that "the outcome is certain." He said there was no limit on the build-outs that his members have to do to meet customer demand, and with new services coming down the pike, his members won't be able to provide all that at $40 per month. He said he would like to pay the same price for heating bills all year round, but that he has to pay more in those Pittsburgh winters when he uses more.

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