Thursday, March 19, 2009

IPv6 and world crisis jokes

Google Public Policy Blog: Why the next generation Internet Protocol matters

I get really sick of this RUBBISH about running out of ip's in two years. Stop the FUD.

You can't blindly assume that ip address usage will simply just go up and up and up on a predictable arc that ends in disaster. That is FALSE. What needs to happen is for people to question the reasons why, for example, MIT needs to own 16 *MILLION* public ip addresses.

Most corporations already utilize NAT and need almost no public IP address space at all. Many more *could* (and should) move to NAT, but simply refuse.

I have hardly tried to figure out the reason why some people are so reluctant to numbers on numbers: whether you like it or not, IPv4 is running out, period. NAT is a palliative, period. Is it that difficult to get this point?

The comment reminds me of this video:

So, whenever IPv4 comes out, people will begin to defenestrate.

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