Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AP: Hearst hopes Web-only Seattle P-I will turn profit

And that's a hard task.

Somehow, newspapers [all medias, actually] still haven't found a good balance between selling information and selling a product. This is the reason why one will find so many discount coupons, gifts, etc. in magazines and newspapers. This has nothing to do with IG, or maybe has.

People who lived inside the first web bubble are not likely to see another one. Meanwhile, people who are at web's outter borders are rushing to its center as if it would be their only salvation.

Some cases are particularly successful, I wish all were. But let us reflect a bit about the model as a whole.

News | TriCities
When the Seattle Post-Intelligencer transforms into an Internet-only operation Wednesday, it will try to do something it failed to accomplish for years as a traditional newspaper: make money.

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