Friday, February 27, 2009

What "Web management" could be?

So, what should we tell a company which sells thousands of 1 Gbps connections when a country has only something like... 20 Gbps connections to the whole world? Is this management correct?

U.S. Internet firms defend tighter Web management | Technology | Internet | Reuters
Internet service providers like AT&T Inc are making greater efforts to manage traffic on their networks as they seek ways to avoid congestion caused by bandwidth-hogging services like video, industry officials said on Thursday.


President Barack Obama strongly backed net neutrality during the campaign and as a senator. Observers are monitoring how he will change policy.


T-Mobile may use up to 10 gigabits a month, or possibly be downgraded to a speed that is roughly equivalent to the first generation of Apple Inc's iPhone.

To avoid crashing the network, "you have to have reasonable management," Sugrue said.

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