Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a beginning!

Well, I'm oftenly not asked to write on what I read. Considering I read something like 3-4 thousand news/day, maybe people wouldn't feel like to listen what I would have to say. But let me try to make a little game with it:

One would say we would need a new Internet. I would agree if we could have reached consensus on what this "version" has already done for us, or that we have already reached and used all of its full potential. Don't we need a new Internet the same way we need new cars? In Brazil, for example, airbags are not considered mandatory safety devices for all vehicles. Just like some people said, sometimes we need to look back to the future and keep mechanisms that work working (sic).

Of course, Internet itself is not the same it was a couple of decades ago (as if it was considered "some thing" by that time). These last days have been really showing Internet becoming closer and closer to ourselves (in a whole mankind sense). Back to top, reinventing the Internet means not only rewriting TCP/IP (or its eventual successor), but redefining how good and/or bad mankind can be and which tools we ourselves would like to provide to the future. I am not sure if one could consider himself empowered enough to do such thing...

Maybe by the time we reach the next billionS (and I believe it will take some time... not only me, actually), or whenever we find a new appropriate usage for our not-that-new tools, we'll have a real chance to make things happen. Or is all this bottom-up process which made Internet becomes what it is [becoming] making us afraid of our own potential?

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