Monday, February 16, 2009

More about me

I am Everton Teles Rodrigues, a Brazilian journalist interested in Internet-related public policies.


I am currently working at Brazilian Network Information Center ( as Communications Assistant (unnecessary to say that everything I write here has/should have nothing to do with my professional activities). Since 2006, I have already:
  • coordinated media contact between and press;
  • published print and electronic materials (check out our early-conducted Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies);
  • given support to LACNIC, IGF and ICANN Meetings;
  • studied Internet governance and related public policies in developing countries (which, I hope, will bring me a Master degree soon).


Among other activities, I have had the excellent opportunity to work with M. Luc Quoniam and M. Pierre Fayard (and all their valuable team) at the French-Brazilian Technical and Scientific Documentation Centre at 2004-2005. I will always be grateful for their support and teachings.


You can follow my Wikipedia contributions in Portuguese, English and French. My nickname there is everton1984.
My special thanks to Mariana Balboni, to whom I gave technical support while she was completing her doctorate thesis; to Carol D'Avo, Reinaldo Ferraz and Juliano Cappi, for their eternal sense of humour. I wouldn’t have written a single line in this blog if they haven't hired and supported me :) .

BALBONI, Mariana; CAPPI, Juliano; RODRIGUES, Everton Teles. Indicadores de uso de governo eletrônico por indivíduos e empresas no Brasil. Published at XXI Congreso del Clad, Venezuela. Available here.
BALBONI, Mariana; CAPPI, Juliano; RODRIGUES, Everton Teles. Exclusão Digital no Brasil e Uso do Governo Eletrônico: Análise Sobre os Indicadores da Pesquisa Sobre o Uso das TICs em Domicílio no Brasil - 2006. Published at Informatica Pública magazine. Available here.
My Lattes CV can be found here.

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